Tips & Techniques

  • Waterproofing roller image

    Waterproofing Tips & Techniques

    Your basement is wet—what now? Excessive moisture in basements and foundation walls can cause significant problems including structural decay, high humidity levels and mould and mildew growth. Let us help you waterproof your property with these tips & techniques.

  • Truck Bed

    Truck Bed Tips & Techniques

    Take the guesswork out of applying truck bed coatings with our easy tips & techniques that help you apply Truck Bed Coatings like a pro!

  • Wallpaper Tips & Techniques

    These tips & techniques will help make your wallpaper project a success!

  • Painting Tips & Techniques

    From prepping to techniques to clean-up, get advice and follow step by step instructions for a successful painting project.

  • Wood Staining Tips & Techniques

    From sanding to staining to protecting, we’ve got tips to help you complete and maintain the beauty of your wood projects.


  • Design Tips & Trends

    From organizing your space to choosing colours that are trending, designers lend their expertise.